WeatherWindow – An IOT Art Piece

WeatherWindow – wall art that shows weather forecasts in a simple, ambient, and unobtrusive way.  This old, wooden window is a decorative piece when it’s off.  Turn it on, and it becomes alive and connected to the Internet.  Suddenly, this 8-paned window communicates to the world, fetches weather predictions, and lights up each pane with soothing colors communicating the weather outlook.

WeatherWindow        IMG_7774

WeatherWindow displays forecasts for the next 8 days with changing colors. Using over 300 rgb LEDs, the subtle colors create an intuitive, ever-changing art piece.  A remote control lets you “switch channels” from the predicted high temperatures to overnight low temperatures to the likelihood of rain each day.

I made WeatherWindow because I’m frustrated.   Increasing we’re hearing how Connected Objects and Internet of Things (IOT) will make life easier, more fulfilling, smarter, and so on.  Most IOT objects are utterly useless or complicate our lives even more.  Do you really want to control lights with an app, use an Internet-connected egg tray, get a tweet from your houseplant’s moisture sensors, or use a smart fork.  Do these Things make life any simpler?  Probably not.  When I think of the Internet of Things – I dream of simple, integrated Things that save me time or money, provide useful information, or make me feel younger.  That’s why I felt compelled to transform a $5 wooden window into WeatherWindow.

What do you think – is WeatherWindow useful or just another Thing on the Internet?

Pictures of making WeatherWindow.