Explore the intersection of data, technology and art. Experience the convergence of numbers; bits & bytes; and design that create beautiful & unique insights into our world.

About Tim

My fascination with data led me to a career in meteorology, a field filled with numbers, predictions & maps. I’m intrigued by gems of knowledge hidden in piles of data. From my high school wind speed & temperature measurements to my professional analysis of how winds carry pollutants hundreds of miles, I’m always discovering unique stories within data.

Since my first Commodore 64 computer, a string of PC’s, and now my Mac, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with technology. I love that technology simplifies complicated tasks. I wrote a Basic program on my childhood computer that simplified weather forecasting. However, I often find technology to be too “rough edged.” Sharp corners; chips & diodes; cables & plugs; and poor design – all consume our “energy”. This energy drain discourages deeper, more insightful interactions with technology.

I stumbled into art when I took pottery lessons to balance my overly analytic, day-job brain. My pottery teacher helped me “see” the world in simple, intuitive ways and find great joy in making rounded, organic shapes.

I want to integrate my passions (data, technology & art) to create dynamic, physical art that makes data and technology more approachable. Recently, I’ve challenged myself to show weather conditions using just simple colors and shapes with Processing. As I explore this integration, I’m fusing numbers; bits & bytes; and design to create beautiful, interesting stuff.

Contact info:
Tim Dye
Twitter:    @DataTechArt.org  & @TimSDye
YouTube:    www.youtube.com/DataTechArt
LinkedIn:    www.linkedin.com/in/timothydye

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