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data.Wall() is a dynamic light display that continuously updates based on information it reads from the web.  Originally based on WeatherDots, data.Wall() is autonomous wall art that can display any data set.  Most “data walls” are a cluttered mess of information, leaving viewers confused and frustrated.  data.Wall() lets viewers intuitively see and feel when conditions change – in this case, local weather.  Every hour, data.Wall() updates as outside temperatures warm and cool.


data.Wall() measures 36” by 24” by 3″.  It’s entirely self-contained, with 24 RGB LEDs for showing up to 64,000 different colors and a micro controller (Arduino) with wifi (Wifly).  It’s constructed with wood, Styrofoam, and plastic.

Why I created data.Wall

  1. I wanted to replace a picture in my house with a live, dynamic display that changes hourly and provides simple, visually appealing information.    You can’t easily sense the weather by viewing numbers, charts, and digits.
  2. I wanted to better understand how to use WiFi to autonomously communicate via my home WiFi.

Technology used:

  • 1 – Arduino Uno – to control the lights and WiFi
  • 24 – ShiftBrite RGB LEDs – provide the list for each dot
  • 1 – WiFly Shield-for the Arduino and links it to my home WiFi
  • 36″x48″ sheet of Styrofoam insulation
  • 1 – 36″x24″ white acrylic (60% transparent from Tap Plastics) – for the front face of data.Wall()
  • 24 – 2″x2″ white acrylic (40% transparent from Tap Plastics) – for diffusing the light in each tube
  • Davis Weather Station (Vantage Pro II) – Measures temperature, winds, and precipitation  (pic of my weather station)
  • VPLive – Acquires data from Weather Console
  • Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) – Shares weather data
  • WeatherUnderground – Archives weather data

I’d like your feedback and suggestions – please comment.