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Show it with dots – WeatherDots.  Depicting each day’s weather, 24 dots show weather conditions with color, shape, and orientation.   Hourly weather readings control the shape’s appearance.  Calm winds create a circle.  As the wind blows circles change to ovals that are oriented by the wind direction.  Color corresponds to temperature values.  A green ring shows it’s raining.  Decoder legend.

The color scales are set based past climatological conditions at this station.  Each day, the climatological conditions are updated.


WeatherDots movie for May 2010:

Technology used:

  • Davis Weather Station (Vantage Pro II) – Measures temperature, winds, and precipitation  (pic of my weather station)
  • VPLive – Acquires data from Weather Console
  • Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) – Shares weather data
  • WeatherUnderground – Archives weather data
  • Processing software – Fetches data and generates the display.  Want the program? Just send me an email.

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